Van Til: More deregulation, national stimulus program could emerge beyond November

By |  October 19, 2020
Photo: Rob Van Til

Van Til

Editor’s note: P&Q turned to some of the industry’s leaders for their takes on the 2020 presidential election. Leaders were posed with the following questions in advance of this month’s issue: How do the potential outcomes of the upcoming presidential election impact your outlook on the aggregate industry? What effects would another four years of President Trump have on the industry? What effects would a Biden administration have on the industry?

Aggregates are an important and vital part of the U.S. economy.

Dealing with COVID-19 this year, we have seen just how strong our industry can respond – even in the toughest of working environments. There will be many economic challenges as we recover as a nation from COVID-19. We will deal with a private sector that has seen many industries, specifically retail and office construction, devastated by the actions taken to respond to the virus and a public sector that is working through challenging budget issues.

In a second term, President Trump would get the economy moving again very quickly and continue to look for ways to deregulate the industry. If former Vice President Joe Biden is elected president, you could see a focus on a national stimulus program that includes money for highway construction and funds for state and local bailouts.

Whether you agree with the policies and programs that Trump enacted in his first term – and is likely to continue to push in a second term – or if you prefer the plans and proposals of Biden, it is important to not only vote but also make sure our industry’s voice is heard in Washington and in each of our state capitals.

Rob Van Til is managing partner at River Aggregates based in Houston.

Featured image: PamElla Lee Photography

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