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After a successful 2022, industry stakeholders are optimistic that, given the right conditions, 2023 with be another bountiful year. Photo: P&Q Staff

Assessing the mood of the aggregate industry

September 27, 2023By

While this year probably won’t be one for the record book, P&Q’s Kevin Yanik says producers are once again exhibiting the resiliency that gutted them to success during the early years of the decade.

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Crush Mode’s Micah Tysver, third from left, recently partnered with IRock Crushers in the Upper Midwest. Photo: IRock Crushers

Six questions with Crush Mode’s Micah Tysver

September 25, 2023By

P&Q paid Crush Mode president Micah Tysver a visit to discuss his start-up company in the Upper Midwest, his new partnership with IRock Crushers and more.

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Says PPI’s Jeff Poe: “You can have a conveyor track perfectly in the center for years, and then all of a sudden it will want to track to the left or the right.” Photo: P&Q Staff

How producers are performing at the end of the third quarter

September 25, 2023By , and

FMI Capital Advisors leaders write that the producing companies in their Construction Materials Index continue to outperform the general market. The gap, however, has narrowed.

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Says BMC Enterprises’ Nathan McKean: “We’ll do pure ready-mix deals and pure [aggregates] deals, but it’s aggs first.” Photo: BMC Enterprises

BMC Enterprises making moves in the Midwest

September 25, 2023By

BMC Enterprises CEO Nathan McKean discusses his company’s 2023 M&A activity, the overall dealmaking environment and the industry at-large.

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Photo: P&Q Staff

P&Q Profile: Conn-Weld’s Marvin Woodie

September 22, 2023By

P&Q recently sat down with Conn-Weld president Marvin Woodie during a visit to the company’s facilities, discussing the current supply chain and aggregate industry dynamics.

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Photo: kzenon/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

Five MSHA standards to watch out for

September 20, 2023By and

Ogletree Deakins leaders identify lesser-known Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) standards that should not be overlooked.

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Aggregate processing equipment remains in high demand across the industry. Photo: Superior Industries

What’s happening with equipment supply, demand

September 18, 2023By

While lead times for parts have shortened, demand for equipment is high – and, thus, wait times for end users can be long.

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Photo: Supreme Manufacturing

Equipment to enhance dredging operations

September 15, 2023By

Check out some of the latest dredging equipment and technology from Rock Equipment and Supreme Manufacturing.

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Says Turner Staffing Group’s Thomas Haun: “We don’t just want to bring somebody into the company to put a butt in a seat. I think that’s a recipe for failure.” Photo: izusek/E+/Getty Images

P&Q Profile: Turner Staffing Group’s Thomas Haun

September 13, 2023By

P&Q caught up with Thomas Haun to discuss the first full year at Turner Staffing Group and the recent acquisition of staffing firm HR Advantages.

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