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By |  November 17, 2023
Photo: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Photo: Rice Lake Weighing Systems

Rice Lake Weighing Systems says its Survivor truck scales are engineered with several features to ensure they last for a generation or more. According to Rice Lake, the truck scales provide superior structural integrity to key stress points while defending against damage from rust and corrosion, extending the life of the scale. Additional features offer the advantage of reduced downtime by allowing users to streamline routine maintenance procedures.

Single-idler model an option for conveyors

Photo: Thayer Scale

Photo: Thayer Scale

The Quarry King single-idler belt scale from Thayer Scale is a conveyor weighing solution that’s ideal for measuring dusty fines and stone-like aggregate materials. Thayer says the Quarry King’s construction and spill-proof, jam-proof suspension design are advantages. The suspension system’s load cell can quickly be removed and replaced without disturbing the weigh idler itself, the company says. This eliminates the task of resetting and aligning the idler, as well as conducting another material test upon recommissioning. Additionally, Thayer says the included test weight is easily accessible, providing trouble-free scale calibration. Thayer Scale’s Model I-340 conveyor belt scale integrator is a featured instrument that’s designed to match with the Quarry King single-idler belt scale.

Solutions provide insights on oversized rock, load placement

Walz Scale plans to release an oversized rock detection module into its existing volumetric production monitoring Walz Scanner solution for quarry and mining operations. According to Walz Scale, the feature allows operations to be alerted to oversized material prior to it being dumped at the crusher. The feature allows for reducing crusher blockages and downtime. Separately, the company added a load placement monitoring module into its Walz Scanner solution. The feature provides operations alerts about improper loading of haulers, giving real-time information to loader operators.

Models for conveying systems

Photo: TecWeigh

Photo: Tecweigh

The WY15, WY25 and WY45 belt scales from Tecweigh feature single-, dual- and four-idler versions to meet or exceed accuracy requirements. Self-storing calibration weights make routine checks easy and safe, the company says. The scale systems are built for the harsh conditions commonly encountered in aggregates.

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