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By |  May 13, 2022
Conn-Weld Industries had a brand-new horizontal screen in its booth, with company leaders noting the launch generated a positive response from AGG1 attendees. Photos: P&Q Staff

Photo: P&Q Staff

Conn-Weld Industries has a brand-new elliptical horizontal screen featuring asymmetrical shafts and a phase-adjustable gearbox that’s designed so the angle of motion can be adjusted while the equipment is running, thus eliminating downtime. Conn-Weld, which showcased the screen at AGG1 Aggregates Academy & Expo, says the elliptical horizontal screen sparked a lot of excitement at the trade show. The company expects the screen to be a good addition to its product portfolio.

Increase production in asphalt, recycled concrete applications

Photo: Business Wire

Photo: Business Wire

The new RapiDeploy 1000 has the same features of the original RapiDeploy 500, plus the added power of Eagle Crusher’s UltraMax 15 impactor. It is designed for higher production in asphalt and recycled concrete applications, the company says. Like its predecessor, the RapiDeploy 1000 is a portable plant on one chassis, with built-in retractable conveyors. The unit can crush, screen, separate and stockpile all in one pull for easy transport to jobsites, Eagle Crusher says. It features a two-product screen with a third reliever deck, aiming to increase productivity while producing two cubical spec products. Because the RapiDeploy 1000 replaces jaw, cone and screen multi-unit systems, Eagle Crusher says there is a much lower initial investment cost on a producer’s part. The machine is also designed to reduce setup and teardown time, further lowering costs.

Expedite start-up in the most bitterly cold conditions

PCI's new Ice-Eradicator is designed to maximize conveyor uptime in cold weather months. Photo: PCI

Photo: PCI

PCI’s Ice-Eradicator aims to temper the effects of frozen conveyor belts. The drum-style Ice-Eradicator is installed at the head position of the conveyor and de-ices and softens the conveyor belt, encouraging start-up in freezing conditions. PCI says the technology can be adapted to any Eradicator or Deflector wing pulley to discourage problems related to ice buildup in non-drive positions. According to PCI, its technology incorporates a slip ring and heating element to heat an internal liquid solution. With a 120-volt, 15-amp power supply, PCI says the Ice-Eradicator can be energized just hours ahead of start-up, though harsher environments may require more time. When energized, PCI says the surface temperature of the pulley increases at a rate of 25 degrees an hour, which increases the belt temperature by up to 5 degrees an hour.

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