Reflecting on 2020, what’s happening out there and more

By |  November 9, 2020


We’re almost there. Just another couple months and we can finally turn the page on the chaos that was 2020.

Decades from now, we’ll look back on 2020 as one of the most turbulent years of our lives. And yet, aggregate producers are plowing through the year with a tremendous amount of grit and success.

Yes, 2020 aggregate production will likely be down versus 2019, and the backlogs that sustained so many producers to this point are thinning out. State and local revenues will become a real issue many producers face in 2021, but the industry should celebrate the year it’s had thus far. Given the circumstances and how other industries are faring, the outcome could have been much worse for many producers.

Then and now

My outlook is perhaps more upbeat at this moment because I recently spent a few days in Utah visiting producers around Salt Lake City. The trip was my first into the field since ConExpo-Con/Agg, and from what producers in Utah shared, 2020 has been a very good year in the Beehive State. Construction carried on, and materials production to support the state’s continued growth went right along with it.

Among the Utah producers I visited were Bolinder Resources, Pisgah Stone Products and Whitaker Construction Co. All three are actively pursuing growth. They recognize the tremendous opportunity available to provide construction materials to growing parts of the state, and they’re all looking to expand existing operations or establish new ones in the effort.

Whitaker Construction’s John Sather is among the industry leaders featured in our November issue. In visiting with Sather, it’s clear he’s passionate about his work, the industry and the people who work within it.

P&Q will put a more intense spotlight on Whitaker Construction and the other Utah producers I visited in upcoming issues of the magazine. Until then, we hope you enjoy the coverage in our November issue dedicated to conveying and material handling.

Among the features within our conveying and material handling section is an article on effectively training your conveyor. Luff Industries’ Matthew Fasoli, Martin Sprocket & Gear’s Steve Cook and PPI’s Jeff Poe were kind enough to share their experience in this area, which they all describe as the top challenge producers continue to face with their conveyor belts.

Although costs may prohibit some producers from investing in products that can help solve their training issues, the equipment suppliers share insights regarding approach that can put your conveyors on the right track.

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