Ranking the nation’s top 100 crushed stone producers

By |  June 28, 2023
FEC Quarry in Miami is the third-largest producer of crushed stone in the United States, according to the latest United States Geological Survey rankings. Photo by Zach Mentz

The U.S. Geological Survey released its top 100 crushed stone producing companies based on 2021 tonnage totals. Photo: P&Q Staff

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) published a list of the nation’s top crushed stone producers, basing its ranking on data it collected into this year about their 2021 tonnages.

According to USGS, more than 1.51 billion metric tons of crushed stone were produced across the U.S. in 2021. USGS estimates that 2021 tonnage to be valued at $19.81 billion. Production was up 3.4 percent that year – an increase from the 1.46 billion metric tons produced in 2020.

While USGS does not publish crushed stone tonnages by company, it does indicate where companies rank among its top 100 from the prior year.

Large, publicly traded companies such as Vulcan Materials, Martin Marietta, CRH and others make up the top-10. See what other companies topped the list, who made the top 100 for the first time and who the largest risers and fallers are.

Nos. 100-76

100. Rockydale Quarries Corp. (previous ranking: 89th)
99. S.M. Lorusso & Sons (previous ranking: 99th)
98. River Products Co. (previous ranking: 94th)
97. Hilltop Cos. (previous ranking 71st)
96. Terra Firma Materials (previous ranking: unranked)
95. Pete Lien & Sons (previous ranking: unranked)
94. The Magruder Cos. (previous ranking: 85th)
93. Mitsubishi Cement Corp. (previous ranking: 69th)
92. Minerals Technologies (previous ranking: unranked)
91. Sherwood Cos. (previous ranking: unranked)
90. Martin Stone Quarries (previous ranking: unranked)
89. Weldon Materials (previous ranking: 81st)
88. Chantilly Crushed Stone (previous ranking: unranked)
87. Lannon Stone Products (previous ranking: 84th)
86. James D. Morrissey (previous ranking: unranked)
85. Palm Beach Aggregates (previous ranking: 83rd)
84. Bjoin Limestone (previous ranking: 76th)
83. RiverStone Group (previous ranking: 80th)
82. Kemp Quarries (previous ranking: 88th)
81. Wendling Quarries (previous ranking: 77th)
80. O&G Industries (previous ranking: unranked)
79. Bureau of Land Management (previous ranking: 48th)
78. Kerford Limestone Co. (previous ranking:74th)
77. Junction City Mining Co. (previous ranking: 79th)
76. BoDean Co. (previous ranking: 82nd)

Eight producers make the top 100 in 2021 after not making the list in 2020. Those companies are Terra Firma Materials (No. 96), Pete Lien & Sons (No. 95), Minerals Technologies (No. 92), Sherwood Cos. (No. 91), Martin Stone Quarries (No. 90), Chantilly Crushed Stone (No. 88), James D Morrissey (No. 86) and O&G Industries (No. 80). BoDean Co. and Kemp Quarries each gained six spots in 2021, rising to No. 76 and No. 82, respectively. The largest fallers in this group are No. 79 Bureau of Land Management (down 31 spots), No. 97 Hilltop Cos. (down 26 spots), No. 93 Mitsubishi Cement Corp. (down 24 spots) and No. 100 Rockydale Quarries Corp. (down 11 spots). 

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