Ranking the nation’s top 100 sand and gravel producers

By |  June 14, 2023
The production of crushed stone, sand and gravel in the fourth quarter showed signs of softening, according to FMI Capital Advisors. Photo: Diatrezor/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

More than 943 million metric tons of sand and gravel were produced across the U.S. in 2021, according to the U.S. Geological Survey. Photo: Diatrezor/iStock / Getty Images Plus/Getty Images

The U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) published a list of the nation’s top sand and gravel producers, basing its ranking on data it collected into this year about their 2021 tonnages.

According to USGS, more than 943 million metric tons of sand and gravel were produced across the U.S. in 2021. USGS estimates that 2021 tonnage to be valued at $9.76 billion. Production was up 1.9 percent that year – an increase from the 925 million metric tons produced in 2020.

While USGS does not publish sand and gravel tonnages by company, it does indicate where companies rank among its top 100 from the prior year.

The usual suspects – CRH, Martin Marietta, Vulcan Materials – are on USGS’s top 100 list for 2023. Find out who cracked the top 100 for the first time, who the biggest risers and fallers are and, ultimately, who takes the No. 1 spot as the nation’s top sand and gravel producer.

Nos. 76-100

100. Capital Sand Co. (previous ranking: 87th)
99. Beaver Gravel Corp.
(previous ranking: unranked)
98. Prowers Aggregate Operators
(previous ranking: unranked)
97. O.L. Thompson Construction Co.
(previous ranking: 97th)
96. Coram Materials Corp.
 (previous ranking: 81st)
95. A. Lindberg & Sons
 (previous ranking: 98th)
94. Lakeview Rock Products (previous ranking: 92nd)
93. P&R Mining (previous ranking: unranked)
92. Resolve Aggregates
(previous ranking: unranked)
91. Superstition Crushing (previous ranking: 82nd)
90. Newport Sand & Gravel (previous ranking: unranked)
89. Atlanta Sand & Supply Co. (previous ranking: 88th)
88. Sundre Sand & Gravel (previous ranking: unranked)
87. National Lime & Stone Co. (previous ranking: unranked)
86. Dun-Rite Sand & Gravel Co. (previous ranking: unranked)
85. Cretex Cos. (previous ranking: 96th)
84. S&S Aggregates Co. (previous ranking: 83rd)
83. Capitol Aggregates (previous ranking: 67th)
82. Central Specialties (previous ranking: 84th)
81. Permian Basin Materials
(previous ranking: 95th)
80. Wright Materials (previous ranking: 64th)
79. The Melvin Stone Co. (previous ranking: 94th)
78. Nebco (previous ranking: 77th)
77. Ames Construction (previous ranking: unranked)
76. Texas Aggregates
(previous ranking: unranked)

Ten producers crack the top 100 after missing it based on their 2020 sand and gravel production figures. These include Texas Aggregates (No. 76), Ames Construction (No. 77), Dun-Rite Sand & Gravel Co. (No. 86), National Lime & Stone Co. (No. 87), Sundre Sand & Gravel (No. 88), Newport Sand & Gravel (No. 90), Resolve Aggregates (No. 92), P&R Mining (No. 93), Prowers Aggregate Operators (No. 99) and Beaver Gravel Corp. (No. 99). The Melvin Stone Co. moves up 15 spots to No. 79, Permian Basin Materials climbs 14 spots to the 81st position, and Cretex Cos. moves up 11 slots to appear at No. 85. The biggest fallers in this group are No. 80 Wright Materials (down 16 spots), No. 83 Capitol Aggregates (down 16 spots), No. 96 Coram Materials (down 15 spots) and No. 100 Capital Sand Co. (down 13 spots)

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