P&Q Profile: Tandem Products’ Jason Bass

By |  February 16, 2023
Jason Bass


Jason Bass is now in his seventh year at Tandem Products, representing the Rhino Hyde brand. Bass, whose company provides polyurethane media primarily for screening, paid P&Q a visit to discuss the current dynamics impacting screen media supply and share his expectations for the year ahead.

What are your expectations for the aggregate industry in 2023?

I am a glass-half-full guy who sees continued growth with a healthy dose of caution. I read and listen to what others say, and I still do not have a clear picture of what the industry will do. I hope to see continued growth; supply chains reestablished and a workforce that wants to reengage.

How would you characterize supply for screen media right now?

It is much better than in the past two years. We are coming out of an unprecedented pandemic that shook the core of every business. However, being an ISO-certified company, our team took the initiative with several problem-solving methods, including overstocking our facility with raw materials and continuous plant improvements to ensure availability and continued quality. So, today we positioned ourselves to be in an excellent spot to supply screen media.

What are availabilities and lead times like right now? What factors are impacting any slowdowns?

Availability today has vastly improved. We [offer] an open-cast hand pour, making it a superior product in the market. This style of making a screen relies on people, which, as much of the country can attest, filling positions has been difficult. As we dig out of a healthy backlog, thanks to our incredible customers and distribution, we will remain focused on events that impact us and continue to build a quality team.

How are you advising aggregate producers to approach purchasing during their current slowdown or offseason? How might the approach differ from last year, if at all?

Photo: Rhino Hyde Products

Photo: Rhino Hyde Products

Our approach is with communication, communicating what we are doing and how it impacts our product availability. In years past, I think we made many people comfortable by getting the product to them ‘just in time.’ Our message today is ‘plan’ – plan for that next maintenance cycle, or keep items on the shelf.

Our popular Rhino Wire and Rhino Grid products have been in the field for years, and our current and longtime customers tend to have a cycle and predictability with when they will order their products. We work with them to ensure ample time to get their product ordered, made and shipped ready to be installed.

Planning with our vendors, opening up communication lines with our distributors and planning for maintenance are critical to success.

How do you think next month’s ConExpo-Con/Agg in Las Vegas will shape up?

It will be a great show, with attendance up and positive energy throughout. ConExpo always delivers a great venue that can educate and entertain just about anybody that visits. I feel people want to get out and talk, see new products, catch up with old friends and be a part of something.

What do you remember most from the last ConExpo-Con/Agg in 2020?

I remember the cancellations, uncertainty, low turnout and bare aisles. The people who did attend worried about how they would get home. It was a different feeling than I have ever experienced – and one I hope never to have again.

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