Power transmission components to boost operations

By |  May 10, 2023
Photo: Motion

Photo: Motion

Baldor-Reliance crusher-duty motors, available from Motion, are designed for belt-driven rock crushers, pellet mills and other applications requiring motors rated for high-starting and peak torques. Designed with all-cast-iron construction, Motion says the motors feature IP55 enclosures through L449 frames and IP66 enclosures for 586-8 frames. Strengths of 1.25 through 100 hp and 1.15 for 100 hp-plus allow for operation during peak loading conditions, the company adds. Cost savings and flexibility are other results with NEMA Premium efficient designs that are capable of running direct on line or with a variable-speed drive.

Commission, troubleshoot local drives remotely

Photo: ABB

Photo: ABB

ABB’s Ability Mobile Connect is a cloud-based software service accessible through the ABB Drivetune mobile app. Mobile Connect enables ABB drives partners to commission and troubleshoot local drives remotely. According to the company, Mobile Connect features live chat and end user-controlled access that can be used to pull backup files, change parameters, capture site and installation images, and send voice and text messages. The company says Mobile Connect minimizes downtime, delivering efficient and effective support by giving ABB partners instant access to all the data necessary to provide quick and convenient resolutions for online end-user issues, both remotely and on-site.

Cooler optimizes drum motor oil

Photo: Van der Graaf

Photo: VDG

According to VDG (Van der Graaf), downtime due to motor failure of belt conveyors in aggregate operations is due primarily to a rise in oil temperature and a decrease in oil viscosity that results in poor lubrication. VDG, however, developed a drum motor oil-conditioning system that addresses this issue. VDG’s oil cooler conditions and cools a drum motor’s oil, maintaining the optimal oil temperature and viscosity. The system filters, conditions and reduces the oil temperature inside the drum motor, averting motor failures and the consequent costs – including downtime. The new VDG oil cooler is supplied as standard for GrizzlyDrive Series drum motors 75 hp and higher.

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