Petrovits: Company rallied around values

By |  March 23, 2021
Stewart Petrovits Road to Recovery


Editor’s note: As part of our Road to Recovery coverage, P&Q is turning to some of the industry’s leaders for their takes on the road ahead. This month, producers were presented with the following questions: With the pandemic persisting for almost a full year, how has your company and its operations fared in maintaining the culture established prior to COVID-19? How has your culture been challenged over the last year, and what action have you taken, if any, to maintain it? Has your company culture changed in any way – for better or worse?

Our culture has not really changed. Our four core goals of quality, attitude, communication and safety have been crucial to keep our people safe and working. 

The toughest challenge to our culture is the periods of remote work – which were brief – but kept us from enjoying our weekly office lunches together, as well as our holiday events. 

The things we stressed pre-COVID helped us not only to make it through, but they contributed to a very successful season for the company and our employees.

Stewart Petrovits is an owner and vice president at Route 82 Sand & Gravel in New York state.

Feature image: PamElla Lee Photography

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