New equipment for your crushing arsenal

By |  May 4, 2023
Photo: Deister Machine Co.

Photo: Deister Machine Co.

The EMCO 360 crusher optimizer feeder from Deister Machine Co. distributes a homogeneous feed to cone crushers, keeping them choke-fed for optimum efficiency, product consistency, improved production rates, greater manganese wear life, and the consistent yield of a more cubical product. Featuring a 360-degree discharge opening, the feeder blends the fines in with the coarse material as it flows through the feeder opening, delivering an even feed into the crushing chamber. Deister says the EMCO 360 eliminates the need for two pieces of equipment: the traditional flat pan feeder and a rotating feed distributor. Its design incorporates the action of the rotating feed distributor to evenly distribute the material into the cone to minimize uneven rock buildup within the crusher.

Impact plant suitable for multiple applications

Photo: Keestrack

Photo: Keestrack

Keestrack’s redesigned R5e impact crushing plant, which has a capacity of 400 tph, is a fully electric plug-in model featuring a plug-out connection to power additional equipment. The impactor can be utilized in several applications, including aggregates. Power to the R5e is possible through either a mains connections or with any genset unit, the company says. According to Keestrack, the quality of its machines allows for longer work and lower operational costs. The hybrid R5e crusher has a fuel efficiency of 40 liters per hour when using the combo of diesel and electric power, Keestrack says, and 173 kilowatt hours when operating on electric plug-in mains.

Tramp-release system helps operators avoid downtime

L&H Industrial's new tramp release system can be retrofitted onto legacy equipment. Photo: L&H Industrial

Photo: L&H Industrial

L&H Industrial’s tramp-release system is designed to ensure safety, dependability and ease of installation. As a high-value asset in the processing operation, L&H says a tramp event or a related issue directly impacts safety, productivity, maintenance and the overall operation. According to L&H, its system removes stored energy by replacing conventional mechanical springs. It also releases pressure on cylinders and allows the adjustment to pick up, repressurizing cylinders to return to the optimal crushing position. The tramp-release system can be retrofitted onto legacy crushing equipment for upgrades in safety and production, the company says. Also, the system can increase production levels by allowing a crusher to run at maximum feeds without the fear of a tramp event.

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