May 2021: The latest equipment for your aggregate operation

By |  May 26, 2021
Liebherr XPower large wheel loader series

Photo: Liebherr

Liebherr updated two models in its XPower large wheel loader series – the L 550 XPower and L 556 XPower – and made them available in the U.S. and Canada. According to Liebherr, it reinforced the XPower lift arms and overhauled the working hydraulics. Innovations include increased tip load, breakout force and engine power. The L 550 XPower and L 556 XPower are equipped with the power-split travel drive, installed as standard in all XPower wheel loaders. Also, by increasing the engine power on both models, Liebherr says the travel drive is even more powerful with consistently low consumption, such as when accelerating or penetrating into material.

Boomer M20 Face Drill Rig

Photo: Epiroc

Face drill rig built with internal hydraulics

The new Boomer M20 face drill rig is designed and built to minimize unplanned stops and maximize uptime and performance in demanding operations. According to Epiroc, the Boomer M20 represents the next generation of drilling equipment in underground mining. One challenging part of underground work is the everyday wear and tear on hydraulic hoses, Epiroc says. Falling rocks and debris and continuous wear against the tunnel floor and walls means constant hose repairs. The Boomer M20’s heavy-duty hose-less boom design minimizes unplanned stops for hose repairs, the company says, keeping the rig up and running even in the toughest conditions.

Cat 992 Wheel Loader

Photo: Caterpillar

Large mining loader offers productivity, efficiency enhancements

Caterpillar debuted the new 992 wheel loader, touting productivity and efficiency gains over its predecessor model (992K). According to Cat, the 992 offers up to 32 percent greater productivity, reduces maintenance costs by as much as 10 percent, and delivers up to 48 percent greater payload-per-fuel efficiency than the 992K. The new Cat C32B engine powers the loader. Offering both standard- and high-lift configurations, Cat says the 992 delivers the lowest cost per ton when paired with fleets of Cat 775, 777 and 785 trucks. Standard-lift payload capacities reach 25.5 tons for quarry face applications and 30 tons for loose material handling, while high-lift capacities reach 22.5 tons and 27 tons in respective applications.

Photo: Maxam

Photo: Maxam

Tire delivers variety of benefits

The Maxam MS405 65 Series program is engineered for high-torque, harsh applications where extreme traction is required. OEM-approved by Caterpillar for medium wheel loaders, Maxam says the MS405 features a deep E4/L4 lug pattern that combines excellent grip, stability and performance. The MS405 provides users a solution that meets all harsh demands, the company adds. The puncture-resistant MS405, developed with a cut-resistant tread compound and deep undertread, allows for productivity and minimal downtime. The MS405 was deliberately designed to minimize vibration at haul speeds, providing loaders, graders and earthmovers the lowest cost per hour.

Photo: Hawk Measurement Systems

Photo: Hawk Measurement Systems

Laser level products detect blocked chutes & more

The new OptioLaser L100 and L200 laser level transmitters are ideal for level, distance and position measurement of solid and liquid surfaces, Hawk Measurement Systems says. Hawk says the lasers are different because of a very narrow beam that can measure long and short distances at virtually any angle. The OptioLaser L100 and L200 are completely stainless steel and rugged, the company adds. Additionally, the OptioLaser L100 and L200 are fully programmable.

Photo: TRUX

Photo: TRUX

Measure delivery velocity on a broader order level

A new widget within TRUX’s Order Delivery Tracker tool for material producers provides material producers and their customers greater insights into scheduled deliveries. With the addition of the delivery velocity visualization, material producers can provide an enhanced customer service experience. The tool is built on the existing ability to track deliveries throughout the day in TRUX’s Delivery Tracker. The widget displays the number of tons delivered per hour, the number of scheduled tons per hour, and the average delivered tons per hour. This functionality is designed to measure delivery velocity on a broader order level, helping material producers and contractors increase jobsite efficiency and collaborate digitally.

Photo: Shearforce Equipment

Photo: Shearforce Equipment

Land-clearing tool supports operation expansions

The Dipperfox stump crusher is a stump grinder attachment for excavators. The design makes stump removal work more efficient and up to 10 times faster than traditional stump grinding options, ShearForce Equipment says. The Dipperfox stump crusher drills through stumps and roots up to 36 in. deep into the ground, and the remaining wood material is chipped and used as fertilizer. There is no need for additional cleanup on logging and land-clearing sites, the company says.

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