Management system, hammers are new drill and blast tools

By |  September 23, 2021
Photo: Sauls Seismic

Photo: Sauls Seismic

NOW Access is a data management system featuring high levels of security combined with ease and functionality of use, according to Sauls Seismic. Features include seismic events being emailed or text messaged within minutes of each blast, and seismic data being reviewed and validated internally so only true blast notifications are received. This last part eliminates receiving false triggers. Additionally, NOW Access is mobile friendly. A data-entry option automatically updates site-specific K factor, and date-specific reporting exports to Microsoft Excel. Other features are aerial mapping of pre-blast inspections, graph locations and current and historic blast locations.

Virtual service addresses fragmentation, rock characterization

BME is now providing technical blasting services online, giving the industry access to experienced specialists through virtual consultations and solutions. The service is part of BME’s upgraded website. It is provided by BME’s in-house technical staff and in association with third-party specialists in blasting, mining and construction. The range of services offered includes blast fragmentation distribution prediction for surface greenfield sites, fragmentation distribution optimization for supporting mine-to-mill initiatives at established surface and underground sites, and rock characterization and specifications for blasting in hot or reactive ground. BME says the team can also provide solutions related to highwall blast design and management, as well as novel and disruptive blast design and mining methods.

Photo: Epiroc

Photo: Epiroc

DTH hammers aim to maximize drill speed, productivity

The COP M-series DTH (down-the-hole) hammers are designed to be the lightest, fastest and most durable DTH hammers ever built, Epiroc says. Bundling the COP M6, COP M7 and COP M8 with an Epiroc drill rig ensures maximum drill speed and productivity for every hole diameter, the company adds. The M-series hammers are designed to adapt to different air pressures and volumes with a simple component exchange. The two-in-one feature makes M-series hammers compatible with a variety of Epiroc and competitive drill rigs operating at most altitudes in nearly any climate. 

Casing ring bit systems now available

Numa launched a range of casing ring bit systems for simultaneously drilling and casing vertical or horizontal holes in piling, foundation, anchoring, geothermal and other casing applications. The range is a complementary product to Numa’s Super Jaws overburden bits and impact ring bit systems. Numa’s casing ring bit system consists of a pilot bit, casing shoe and heavy-duty ring bit. It is available in a range of sizes for drilling holes 16 in. to 48 in. in diameter. The design is highly configurable, Numa says, with options for both drill-through and non-drill-through applications requiring the installation of casing into bedrock. The system also boasts the ability to handle overburden and hard rock conditions using either conventional or reverse circulation DTH (down-the-hole) hammers. 

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