Granite Construction’s Solari Sand & Gravel ready to run rock

By |  November 12, 2020

In fact, Solari Sand & Gravel had a friendly competition with Granite’s Big Rock plant in Llano, California, – about two hours southeast of Bakersfield – to see which operation would be up and running first.

“They won, but I take exception because that plant is almost 100 percent portable, so I had more work to do,” Findley says facetiously. “They got started building a little earlier than we did. We’ve been going through the process together – I started on this one in 2006, and they started on Big Rock probably around the same time.”

With Solari Sand & Gravel’s estimated opening date now in October or November, both Granite and Superior reflected fondly on their partnership, which spans more than four years for this specific project alone.

Photo: Superior Industries

Solari Sand & Gravel is set to open this fall. Photo: Superior Industries

“It’s been a great experience with Granite,” Adams says. “They’re very professional, they know what they want, they’ll listen to ideas, they’re easy to work with and they hold your feet to the fire with the schedule, which they should. Their culture is very similar to ours: hard-working, trust and they do what they say they’re going to do.”

As for Findley, who has been waiting to realize the fruits of his labor for more than 14 years, you can imagine his excitement as Solari Sand & Gravel approaches its “Opening Day.”

“I can’t wait to push that start button and watch this plant turn on and start running rock,” Findley says.

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