Truck-scale solutions offer variety of weighing options

By |  August 12, 2016

Trucks are used in almost every industry that transports goods from one place to another. In the past, trucks had to be weighed at truck weighing stations to make sure that the overall weight was within the required limits. Overweight trucks often had to pay huge fines. To overcome various weighing issues, industries have been investing in dependable and accurate truck scales that are backed by technology.

Let us look at some of the most commonly used advanced weighing technology being incorporated by the aggregate industry.

1) Full-length truck scales: Known to be the most dependable truck scales, they provide accurate weights and are used primarily in the mining industry and other applications where heavy loads need to be weighed and managed. Full-length truck scales operate on a simple mechanism, where the driver just has to position the load on the weighing platform.

They are available in several varieties – choose the one that best suits your requirements. They tend to be expensive but they are quite popular owing to the accuracy and ruggedness they offer.

2) On-board truck scales: These scales are designed to accurately measure large loads to prevent overloading of the truck. You can use on-board truck scales to track the weight of a vehicle along with the load it is carrying, and they can effectively eliminate instances where drivers may be subjected to overload fines.

These scales are extremely durable, easy to install and they help to monitor and manage the weight compliance accurately, allowing for maximum load efficiency. The different types of on-board truck scales you can incorporate include load cells, air-suspension PSI gauges, wireless on-board and analog on-board.

3) Truck-axle scales: Truck-axle scales are known as the most adaptable, portable and economical for truck and vehicle weighing purposes. They have a low-profile design and offer higher precision level, thus delivering better performance as compared to most scales in the market.

Available in a variety of configurations, lengths and capacities, truck-axle scales can be incorporated with the wheel-weigher system. This makes these scales ideal for all those locations where permanent scale installations are not possible. They have a long life and are extremely durable as they are built with heavy-duty steel.

4) In-motion portable axle scales: In-motion portable axle scales act as a good alternative to larger truck scales. These scales allow the users to weigh the inputs quickly and they can reduce overweight load fines significantly. They are quite robust, battery-operated and highly portable, allowing for use in different locations. These scales also come with an integrated weight ticket printer, making it possible to keep a log of printed weight tickets for each vehicle.

5) Weighbridge truck scales: Weighbridge truck scales incorporate a bridge-like framework. They are comprised of scales that can be used to measure enormous amounts of raw materials and products. They have heavy-duty designs and are available in multiple sizes and shapes.

Customized design scales are also available. All the designs offer incredible durability, sturdiness, accuracy and reliability in their operations. The commonly used models include pit-mounted, transportable, surface-mounted and modular designs.

Shipping and logistics companies can optimize weighing operations with the help of these scales. Weighbridge scales lead to faster throughput and also help reduce the risks of overload fees.

6) Load scanners: Load scanners are not an actual weighing scale but can track loads by developing a 3-D volume image, which can be calculated into weight. They incorporate scanner technology that make them simple to weigh. Load scanners are also accurate, fast and extremely simple to install.

They offer affordable management solutions as compared to portable axle scales and heavy-duty weighbridges. They minimize uncertainties presented by load variations and moisture content. They prove to be an affordable payload management solution as installing them costs 50 percent less than installing fixed weighbridges.

Load scanners offer high throughput and optimize efficiency. They can be installed at the site and can be operated on the same day. They require very little maintenance and calibration as compared to other systems. Moreover, it takes just a few seconds to assess the payload data.

You can use advanced software solutions to access the data in real-time from remote locations. There is no need to stop the truck to take measurements and the load data is generated and recorded as the trucks pass seamlessly across the scanner. Load scanners are ideal for operations that require hundreds of truckloads to be weighed on a daily basis.

All these scales rank high on accuracy, reliability and sturdiness. Do thorough research, study your requirements and choose only those that best address your needs.

Kevin Hill heads up the marketing efforts and provides technical expertise to the sales and service teams at Quality Scales Unlimited in Byron, Calif.

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