Thayer Scale Single Idler Quarry King Conveyor Belt Scale

By |  September 7, 2023
Photo: Thayer Scale

Photo: Thayer Scale

The “Quarry King” single-idler belt scale is a rugged, economical conveyor weighing solution ideal for reliable measurement of dusty fines and “stone like” aggregate materials. The system’s rugged construction and spill-proof/jam-proof suspension design are the key advantages of the Quarry King relative to other single-idler scales. A key advantage of the suspension system is that the load cell can be quickly and easily removed and replaced without disturbing the weigh idler itself, thereby eliminating the tedious task of re-setting and aligning the idler, and conducting another material test upon re-commissioning. In addition, the included Test Weight is easily accessed enabling trouble-free scale calibration. Thayer Scale’s Model I-340 Conveyor Belt Scale Integrator is a full featured instrument specifically designed to match with Thayer Scale’s single idler “Quarry King” Belt Scale.

Benefits of the Quarry King:

• Excellent Value
• Easy to install/startup
• Accurate measurement
• Long term calibration stability
• Quick calibration method using supplied test weight

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