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Photo: The Frazier Quarry

Inside The Frazier Quarry

January 1, 2023 By and

Kevin Baker, CEO of The Frazier Quarry, shares details about the company based in Harrisonburg, Virginia, following a visit from Pit & Quarry’s Kevin Yanik.

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Setting up your wash operation for success

July 28, 2021 By

When it comes to a wash operation, aggregate producers must make a number of considerations when pairing their source material with the right equipment for the job.

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Photo: CDE

May 2021: The latest in washing, classifying equipment

May 26, 2021 By

Equipment manufacturers, including CDE, Deister Machine Co., Superior Industries and Weir Minerals, showcase some of their latest wares in the category.

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Van Tongeren America's mobile classification system

Mobile classification system separates aggregate without water

October 30, 2018 By

A new, self-contained particle separation system from Van Tongeren America fits on a standard truck base.

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Van Tongeren classifier system separates material without water

August 27, 2018 By

The company released its gravitational-inertial classifier (GIC) system that automatically separates dry materials without using water.

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Van Tongeren America releases classifier systems

July 1, 2018 By

The new line collects and separates dry particles by size range using only ambient air and gravity.

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Sensationalizing the global state of sand

May 25, 2017 By

The headline of an exposé in The New Yorker claims the world is running out of sand, but the publication doesn’t make the arguments to support such a sensationalist notion.

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