May 2021: The latest in washing, classifying equipment

By |  May 26, 2021
Combo X900

Photo: CDE

The Combo X900 all-in-one wet processing system features an increased capacity of 500 tph and is the largest in CDE’s series to date. The system’s control cabin is repositioned to sit on top of the water tank, a design decision that was made specifically with the North American and Latin American markets in mind, the company says.

Also, the Combo X900 features a reduced overall footprint, as the standalone water tank is integrated into the design of the AquaCycle thickener tank, resulting in a peripheral wall for water storage. This, in turn, minimizes the requirements for site engineering due to its reduced footprint. Another feature of the Combo X900 is a single-chassis design, which incorporates washing, dewatering, water recycling and stockpiling on one pre-assembled unit. The single-chassis design allows the Combo X900 to be portable and rapidly deployed, CDE says, to remote locations and compact quarries in urban areas.

Eliminate downtime from clogged nozzles, pipes

Deister Spray Water Strainer

Photo: Deister Machine Co.

Does your spray water contain stone particles, rust flakes, vegetation and other debris? Do you frequently need to clear clogged spray nozzles and pipes?

Deister Machine Co.’s spray water strainer easily collects and discharges the accumulated solids from the wash screen water system while providing strained water to multiple wash screens in the circuit. According to Deister, the result is greater wash plant uptime, optimum water flow and sprayer performance, and maximum water velocity and cleaning action to the screen.

Produce manufactured sand from tailings

Alliance low-water washer

Photo: Superior Industries

The Alliance low-water washer from Superior Industries allows users to wash crusher dust right next to the crushing circuit, eliminating the cost of handling and hauling fines to a new washing circuit.

The unit is designed with a small footprint, allowing it to be easily incorporated into an existing plant. The Alliance turns tailings into saleable manufactured sand, Superior says. Users experience 80 percent less water consumption when washing straight off of a dry feed, the company adds, and the washer is manufactured in models for rates up to 300 tph.

Hydrocyclone introduces step change in performance, sustainability

Cavex 2

Photo: Weir

The Cavex 2 marks what Weir Minerals is calling a new generation of hydrocyclones. According to Weir, its Cavex 1 design set an industry benchmark over two decades ago with its unique 360-degree laminar spiral inlet geometry, which significantly reduced turbulence.

Following years of research, development and trials, Weir improved upon the design with the creation of LIG+ inlet and chamber design. The LIG+ design enables Cavex 2 hydrocyclones to classify up to 30 percent more feed slurry, Weir says, while occupying the same footprint as other hydrocyclones. Also, the new design took into consideration the shape and angle of the hydrocyclone to ensure particles report to the correct stream.

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