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By |  March 1, 2021
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Wirtgen America’s Center for Training & Technology is located in Antioch, Tennessee. Photo: Kleemann

In order to ensure the reliability and production of your crushing and screening equipment, preventive maintenance (PM) is essential. 

Many in the industry overlook maintenance in order to increase production, but this will only lead to unscheduled downtime and more expensive repairs, increasing your total cost of ownership. To make the most out of your investment, equipment needs to be maintained in a timely manner to decrease unplanned downtime and, in turn, increase your machine profitability. 

When referencing preventive maintenance, Kleemann, like most manufacturers, lays out preventive maintenance in an easy-to-read table format in its operations manuals. In these tables you will find the daily, weekly, monthly and extended maintenance such as the 500-hour or 2,000-hour services. These tables also feature easy-to-use references to the chapters in the operations manual, where you can find exactly how to do the maintenance work requirements.

Photo: Kleemann

Machine information is transmitted shared via the cloud to the customer and Wirtgen Group. Photo: Kleemann

Telematics systems, such as Kleemann’s WITOS (Wirtgen Intelligent Telematics & On-site Solutions), are also a useful tool when it comes to tracking when preventive maintenance needs to be completed. Within these systems, a maintenance plan can be implemented by the customer, with notifications that can be sent via email to inform of pending service requirements. 

The data logged upon completion of the service is recorded for future reference. This data details who performed the service, what was done and when. Having accurate service records for your equipment can improve resale value, thus lowering your total cost of ownership.

Photo: Kleemann

Preventive maintenance schedules are located in the operations manual and within Kleemann’s new SPECTIVE machine interface system. Photo: Kleemann

Whether you have your own technicians or rely on your dealer, proper service training is essential. Operations and maintenance classes for your equipment should be offered by the manufacturer. At the Center for Training & Technology (CTT) on Wirtgen America’s campus near Nashville, Tennessee, Kleemann operations and maintenance classes are held year-round. Our staff of qualified instructors provides classroom and hands-on training in a dedicated learning environment.

At the end of the day, it comes down to this: If you don’t make time to perform preventive maintenance, the machine will make the time for you. Taking charge of the situation of servicing your equipment will ultimately save time, money and aggravation.

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