NSSGA seeks input on inspector training

By |  April 2, 2014

Can you think of a way MSHA inspectors could be better trained to do their jobs? Are you a mine operator who is willing to participate in the training process?

The Technical Task Force for the MSHA-NSSGA Alliance committee wants to hear from you. But you better act fast.

The group is looking for a way to ensure inspector trainees leave the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration Academy with an appreciation for what operators must do in order to demonstrate compliance with standards.

The Technical Task Force wants operators to give inspector trainees their perspectives on compliance in a constructive manner.

It also aims to develop a means by which to select key topics. So far, members have suggested instructing inspector trainees on:

  • promoting the idea that zero fatalities is a real and achievable number,
  • encouraging observations and reviews of near-miss accidents,
  • promoting best practices gleaned from inspections of other operations,
  • conducting small group safety meetings on every inspection and
  • realizing the lengths that many operators go to implement safety and health practices to benefit workers that go far beyond what the standard requires.

To participate or offer input, contact Joseph Casper at 703-526-1074 or jcasper@nssga.org by April 7.

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