New MSHA safety campaign emerges

By |  March 9, 2022

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The Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) launched a safety campaign that’s designed to ensure mine operators have the tools they need to fully train miners to use equipment.

Through the new “Take Time, Save Lives” campaign, MSHA aims to promote best practice resources for powered haulage safety, roof and rib falls, fire suppression and prevention and more.

“The purpose of this new campaign is simple: Mine operators need to take the time to train miners on equipment and safety protocols, and miners need to take time to remember their training before they begin a task,” says Jeannette Galanis, acting assistant secretary at MSHA. “While the ‘Take Time, Save Lives campaign specifically highlights best practices for frequently occurring incidents, our goal is to reach miners with a wide-ranging set of resources.

“MSHA will continue to ensure miners have the knowledge to stay safe on the job, but it’s up to mine operators to make sure that miners are fully trained and able to take time to follow best safety practices that can prevent deadly accidents,” she adds.

In a blog post on MSHA’s website, Galanis notes that the agency has seen an increase in the past year in mine fatalities and injuries. Many of the incidents could have been prevented with proper training and attention to tasks, she says.

“We hope you’ll help us get the word out to take time, save lives, as we work to make sure every miner comes home safe at the end of each shift,” Galanis writes.

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