Met Pro Supply Yield-Pro Rising Current Separator

By |  February 8, 2015

The Yield-Pro rising current separator separates sand and other minerals based on particle size or specific gravity. The user is able to adjust the density of the bed by means of a simple control. By adjusting the amount of water introduced and controlling the bed density, the user can easily maintain or change cut points with the push of a button. A typical range of separation that can be achieved with this equipment is 20–140 mesh.

What does Met Pro’s Yield-Pro have to offer that the others don’t?

  1. Met Pro offers a simplistic approach to the controls. Operating on less than 5 amps of AC voltage, our control system is literally “plug and play.” There are no proprietary components with every part being off-the-shelf and easily available.
  2. Yield-Pro has the only spray pipe system available that can be changed without entering the vessel. Our spray bars are installed using a patented sealing system that makes the pipes easy to access. Each pipe can be changed individually from the outside without putting workers in a dangerous environment.
  3. No external equipment is needed to operate the Yield-Pro. Other control systems require us of compressed air which needs to be dry and clean. An air compressor out of services means the competitor’s separator is out of service also.

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