Martin Engineering highlights mini power station, service program

By |  March 16, 2017

Martin Engineering representatives showcased a couple of product developments at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017, where they also shared details of a service program the company introduced last year.

The latest development Martin Engineering exhibited was a self-contained mini power station. Martin Engineering is using the motion of the conveyor coming across the roller to rotate a generator and create power for remote locations.

“There are a lot of places you go where you need power, and getting an electrician out to run power may not be worth it,” says Doug Brown, national sales manager at Martin Engineering. “MSHA (the Mine Safety & Health Administration) may say you need a light [somewhere] or your guys may want a light [somewhere]. Maybe you want to run a couple of air cannons or even a belt scale – this can do it.”

Martin Engineering also showcased its CleanScrape belt cleaners, which are installed at an angle across the discharge pulley. The cleaners require minimal space for installation, the company says. Also, because CleanScrape is equipped with tungsten carbide tips and applies minimal pressure to the belt, it’s safe for use on mechanical splices, Martin Engineering says.

“It’s taking bulk cleaning to a different level,” Brown says. “It’s a radically different design and approach as a cleaner.”

The company also discussed the progress it’s made since last May in expanding the Mr. Blade program in which Martin Engineering provides free, onsite replacement blade delivery, custom-fitting, service and installation.

“We started with two vans in Texas and we are getting ready to buy our ninth [van],” says Don Papini, business development manager at Martin Engineering. “We have two in Texas, one in Little Rock, (Arkansas) and one in Oklahoma City. We have four guys who go out, and they’re covering roughly 200 accounts. We also have a guy in Georgia who covers that state and the northern part of Alabama. We have Tennessee and Kentucky guys now, as well as Indiana. And we’re looking at Iowa. We continue to keep scaling.”

According to Papini, Martin Engineering typically offers the service to aggregate producers with 10 or more conveyors. The service has been a plus for participants because those operations can now focus employees on more critical tasks, he says.

“We take over their systems through the program,” Papini says. “Now, they aren’t paying labor for their guys to do it. They’re focusing on critical items. We will come in monthly and maintain those cleaner systems for them.”

Martin Engineering’s service providers offer more than belt cleaning, though.

“When we’re out there we have an 18-point inspection as well,” Papini says. “These guys are also walking the system, providing a report at the end of the day before they leave the plant.”

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