Major’s screen media sensor simplifies performance measurement

By |  January 30, 2020
The Flex-Mat sensor enables users to measure and view vibration data. Photo courtesy of Major

The Flex-Mat sensor enables users to measure and view vibration data. Photo courtesy of Major

Major, the screen media manufacturer, plans to showcase its Flex-Mat sensor technology March 10-14 at ConExpo-Con/Agg.

According to Major, the Flex-Mat sensor is a valuable and easy-to-operate vibration data measurement tool that users can utilize to review results and fine-tune their screen machine without shutting down equipment.

The app-controlled vibration analysis sensor enables readings of screenbox vibrations within seconds and generates a report that can be sent or reviewed. The simplicity of the system’s design ensures valuable and actionable data without the requirement for a plant shutdown to calibrate the sensor, Major adds.

“Our focus is on making our customers more profitable and productive,” says Peter Bauer, Major’s R&D and innovation manager. “This technology does that by putting a wealth of screen performance data into the palm of their hand. The simplicity of our system makes it extremely accessible and allows dealers and their customers to make educated decisions to improve performance and profits.”

Additionally, the Flex-Mat sensor enables users to measure and – almost immediately – view vibration data. The operator connects the single sensor to the Flex-Mat sensor app on a smartphone before placing the sensor on one corner of the machine. The user will continue to move the sensor to each corner of the machine until finished.

Once the measurement process is completed, the information is delivered to the phone in the time it takes to climb down from the machine, Major adds.

Machine information is stored locally for ease of use and viewing in areas with cellular limitations. Once a signal is available, the information uploads to Major’s cloud service, where it is viewable from a web browser. Historical equipment performance data is also viewable through the cloud.

Major will feature the sensor technology in the Bronze Lot (Booth B91409) at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

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