Major, General Equipment partner on screening education

By |  September 11, 2019

Major’s program involves hands-on training with a 6-ft. x 20-ft. screen box, training participants to spot and diagnose problems in the field. Photo courtesy of Major

Major, the screen media manufacturer, introduced a training program to give operations the tools they need to maximize uptime.

Major is first offering the program, Hanson-On SMS, through General Equipment & Supplies, the North Dakota-based dealer.

The training includes hands-on experience with all aspects of a vibrating screen. The training can be a standalone presentation or a supplement to training already provided by the dealer – including material handling and crushing courses.

“We have always been committed to ensuring our dealers are knowledgeable and able to give customers the best advice regarding our products,” says Lars Bräunling, Major’s director of product development. “One of operations’ biggest challenges can be having only one person who knows how to repair everything. The training program helps spread that knowledge.”

The new program was born out of trade show presentations and seminars General Equipment uses to educate its customers. The program involves hands-on training with a 6-ft. x 20-ft. screen box, allowing participants to learn to spot and diagnose problems in the field, in addition to giving attendees a chance to teach the presenter about some of the challenges they face.

The training also teaches participants how to reduce downtime and improve longevity and efficiency with Major products.

“One of the accepted challenges of the traditional classroom-style presentation is that the nodding heads in the room had equal chance of someone fighting to stay awake as it was for someone to be agreeing with the content,” says Mark Roppo, Major’s dealer development manager. “In the hands-on presentation, when colleagues poke each other, it’s not to wake them up, rather it’s to quietly share a challenge they experienced and what they did to address it.”

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