Luff Industries High Moisture Seal

By |  August 9, 2017

High Moisture SealLuff’s High Moisture Seal (HMS) is the perfect solution for environments with high humidity or excessive moisture and areas with the potential for fine particle contamination. Luff has engineered and designed a urethane disc that seats inside the end cap, remaining stationary as the roller rotates around it. This disc offers two major benefits, it adds anti-lock technology to the roller, which reduces or eliminates rollers seizing due to excess debris or material spillage and acts as a deflection shield against direct moisture pressure.

The HMS equipped rollers feature a grease packed cavity behind the shield that acts as a barrier for any moisture or contaminants that may get behind the disc. The combination of the patented end cap design with a triple labyrinth seal and urethane disc has created an unmatched sealing protection that reduces conveyor maintenance and provides superior roller efficiency.  Installing Luff rollers with the HMS will decrease maintenance costs by doubling the life of your rollers in troublesome applications “Guaranteed”. 

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