John Deere outlines way to meet emissions regulations

By |  March 5, 2012

John Deere announced the continuation of its planned building-block approach to meet U.S. Final Tier 4 and European Union Stage IV emissions regulations. Final Tier 4/Stage IV regulations for off-highway diesel engines begin as early as 2013 for engines 74 hp and below. Regulatory dates for engines 75 hp and above will be implemented in stages starting in 2014 and 2015, and require particulate matter levels established by Interim Tier 4/Stage III B regulations to be maintained while requiring an additional 80 percent reduction in nitrogen oxides from previous regulations. To meet Final Tier 4/Stage IV emissions regulations in some power categories, John Deere developed the Integrated Emissions Control system – an optimized aftertreatment solution paired with the performance-enhanced, fuel-efficient Interim Tier 4/Stage III B engine platform, featuring cooled exhaust gas recirculation. The system will typically consist of a diesel oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter and a selective catalytic reduction system designed to meet the demands of off-highway applications. The company said it will continue to tailor its system configurations to fit a variety of off-highway applications.

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