By |  March 24, 2024
Photo: Dyno Nobel

Photo: Dyno Nobel

Dyno Nobel’s TITAN® DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY® Emulsion and Delta E2 (ΔE2) ® technology give operations the ability to place explosives energy exactly where it is needed in the borehole for optimized blasting.

Using data from drills and other sources that characterize rock properties, explosives energy can be varied throughout the blasthole based on the specific geological conditions at blasting sites. The Delta E2 software allows blast plans to be sent directly to the loading equipment to ensure boreholes are loaded as designed, improving efficiency and accuracy by simplifying the loading process.

By customizing the density of explosives based on rock characteristics using DIFFERENTIAL ENERGY and ΔE2, engineers and blasters have a finer level of control over fragmentation for increased production and reduced drill and blast costs.

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