Durex Products Inc. Screen Media, Liners, Wear Parts, Screen Accessories

By |  December 14, 2023
Photo: Durex Products

Photo: Durex Products

Durex Products offers a complete line of screen media, liners, wear parts, and screen accessories that help producers fine-tune production and increase tons-per-hour, while keeping products in spec and lowering operating costs.

Screen Media
Modular Urethane and Rubber — Available in modular snap-in, pin-style, knock-in, and bolt-in systems. Tapered openings are wider at the bottom, reducing plugging and increasing throughput.

Livewire — Self-cleaning screens featuring molded rubber strips that hold high-strength wires in place. Provides better screening action and greater open area.

Armor — High-grade woven-wire cloth combined with molded premium polyurethane. Increases throughput and reduces plugging and noise.

Accuslot — Self-cleaning screen that reduces plugging/blinding while minimizing the passing of slivers and chips.

Vibraspan — Self-cleaning screen featuring longitudinal slots and either straight or intercrimp wires. Provides more open area, without sacrificing product size control.

Vibraclean — Self-cleaning screen with alternating crimped and straight wires. Allows increased load capacity, while maintaining self-cleaning benefits.

Woven and Slotted Wire— High-quality XT, oil-tempered, stainless, or high-carbon steel. Allows the use of lighter-gauge wire, while providing excellent wear life. Long slot triple shoot screens are crimped to provide better screening accuracy and eliminate blinding/plugging.

For more information about Durex’s full line of aggregate solutions, call 715.483.9611 or email customerservice@durexproducts.com.

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