Cooper Roller Bearings: 01E and 02E bearings

By |  June 5, 2013

According to Cooper Roller Bearings, it has increased the load capacities of many of its split roller bearings to levels higher than any split roller bearings of similar size, with L10 life that is 23 to 135 percent longer, depending on size. The new 01E and 02E bearings are interchangeable with Cooper 01 and 02 Series bearings, yet provide up to 29 percent more radial capacity and 16 to 90 percent more axial load capacity, according to Cooper. The increased life and capacities of the medium-duty and heavy-duty bearings are due primarily to changes in internal geometry. The 01E and 02E bearings feature the same sealing and energy-efficiency as their counterparts in the 01 and 02 Series.

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