ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020’s evolving Tech Experience

By |  November 4, 2019
ConExpo-Con/Agg will have an expansive technology exhibit available to attendees. Photo courtesy of ConExpo-Con/Agg

ConExpo-Con/Agg will have an expansive technology exhibit available to attendees. Photo courtesy of ConExpo-Con/Agg

As the aggregate industry adapts, so, too, does the industry’s largest trade show.

With ConExpo-Con/Agg 2020 taking place March 10-14 in Las Vegas, the show will again offer a Tech Experience platform dedicated to emerging technologies and innovations. According to ConExpo-Con/Agg, 112,000 visits were made to the Tech Experience exhibit in 2017.

“What the show serves to do is offer industry professionals a forum to see new trends and industry innovations,” says Dana Wuesthoff, ConExpo-Con/Agg show director. “In 2020, we will continue that journey to the future of the construction industry.”

The Tech Experience will focus on smart cities, which are urban areas that incorporate electronic data collection sensors to efficiently manage assets and resources. The collection and processing of this data will, in turn, help cities manage power, transportation, water supply, waste management, law enforcement, schools, hospitals and other services.

A 10-ft. x 22-ft. smart city replica will be on display at ConExpo-Con/Agg’s Tech Experience. It will showcase several different scenarios, including connectivity in the city using 5G, sensors, telematics and the Internet of Things; different city grids and how a city responds to heat, wind and storms; the impacts of construction; and how future jobsites and equipment will communicate.

According to the show, smart cities will increase from about two dozen to more than 100 in the next few years.

“Our goal for the Tech Experience in 2020 is to show contractors how all of these exciting new technologies will impact their current work, how the expectations and demands of customers will change, and how the current state of infrastructure may change,” says Al Cervero, senior vice president of construction, mining and utility at the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

Additional focuses of the Tech Experience will include modern mobility and sustainability.

Modern mobility is the transformation of current systems for moving products and people. It involves transportation that is personal, shared, intelligent and/or autonomous.

Sustainability is the design of buildings, vehicles and cities with social, economic and environmental impact in mind. It involves renewable energy or recycled construction materials.

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