Astec Mobile Screens offers multi-frequency screen

By |  October 12, 2018
Photo courtesy of Astec Mobile Screens

Astec Mobile Screens designed and manufactured its multi-frequency technology for its GT145 track screen. Photo courtesy of Astec Mobile Screens

Astec Mobile Screens released multi-frequency technology that combines a conventional, two-bearing vibrator – traditionally used on an incline screen – with a high-frequency vibrator on bottom deck.

According to the company, the combination of the two systems creates a screen that operates with a higher G-force. The increased screening energy, in turn, enables the multi-frequency screen to process material with higher moisture content.

The multi-frequency technology was first launched for the company’s GT205 plant. Since then, Astec has designed and manufactured the same technology on its portable PTSC205 plant and GT145 track screen. The company now will offer multi-frequency technology for all of its 5-ft. wide, two-deck screens.

“Our customers have seen tremendous improvements in their operations by using the multi-frequency screen in the GT205, and we’re really excited to bring this technology to more people by expanding into our direct feed and portable mounted screens,” says Patrick Reaver, inside sales director at Astec Mobile Screens.

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