Allied Attachments Hydraulic Plate Compactors

By |  March 4, 2024
Photo: Allied Pedestal Boom Systems

Photo: Allied Pedestal Boom Systems

Allied Attachments offers a full line of Hydraulic Plate Compactors with four (4) models ranging from 4.5 to 16.5 tons of impulse force. Coupled with exceptional design features and unparalleled support, Allied Attachments are the most cost-effective and productive equipment in the industry. Greater vibration forces generate stress waves in granular or loose soil material, bringing air to the surface and packing the particles closer together. Greater impulse action works with the carrier’s downward forces to compact cohesive clay-type soils or drive posts. The result is a faster, safer, more efficient compaction than other carrier attachments as well as walk-behind plate compactors, rollers, jumping jacks and other machines.

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