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Employee safety should always be the first priority when resuming operations in the spring. Photo courtesy of Mellott Company.

Starting up your operation this spring

May 9, 2019By

After the long offseason, checking a site’s conditions and crushing equipment is essential for aggregate operations to successfully resume.

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Specific requirements, precautions and hazards associated with impact crusher equipment operation and the general work area must be communicated to, and understood by, everyone involved in the operation. Photo: Stedman

The 5 hazardous co-workers around crushers

January 29, 2019By

Working alongside impact crushers and other key quarry equipment is dangerous when the wrong attitude is brought to the task.

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Photo: iStock.com/gobalink

Seeking clarity on crystalline silica

August 10, 2018By

The new Occupational Safety & Health Administration rule blurs the compliance line for a number of industry companies.

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Preventing workplace violence

August 1, 2018By and

With workplace violence becoming problematic across the nation, what can producers do to help prevent an incident at their operation?

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Religious fasting: A legal issue for operators?

July 13, 2018By and

Accommodations producers should make for employees celebrating Ramadan and other religious occasions that raise safety concerns on the job.

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Belt Tech Industrial sales and service

June 8, 2018By

Since 1991, Belt Tech Industrial has demonstrated remarkable expertise in conveyor system sales and service.

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Things to consider if OSHA’s silica dust rule affects you

April 2, 2018By

An Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) rule on respirable crystalline silica is coming down in June for general industry and maritime.

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Ruling gives OSHA some jurisdiction in mines

December 19, 2017By

A court ruling says the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) can investigate and fine federally regulated mines for safety violations involving non-mining operations.

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