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Tag: Michael T. Heenan

Uncovering significant and substantial violations

February 10, 2017By and

Before the Mine Safety & Health Administration (MSHA) can issue an unwarrantable failure citation, the violation must be significant and substantial.

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Legal counsel in accident investigations

January 27, 2017By and

All fatalities at a mine must be reported, even if due to natural causes or non-mine events.

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Thanks, Mike

January 13, 2017By

Mike Heenan is moving toward semi-retirement, so taking over the column are his very able colleagues Margo Lopez and William Doran.

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MSHA document demands upheld

October 13, 2016By

MSHA regularly is entitled to see mine records specifically mandated by law, such as those related to mine identification, contractor identification and more.

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Tug of War: MSHA’s power to vacate citations

September 16, 2016By

MSHA can vacate a citation anytime by law and thereby dissolve any related penalty.

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Defining ‘negligence per se’

August 3, 2016By

Negligence per se is a legal concept employed in lawsuits to cement a claim for damages.

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Advances in safety management lowers fatality rate

May 31, 2016By

Safety in metal and nonmetal mines in the first three months of 2016 improved over 2015.

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Mandatory training contributes to record-low fatalities

April 12, 2016By

Mining deaths have been on a long downward trend. The 28 deaths that occurred in mines in 2015 […]

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