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Video: Bucyrus-Erie 300-D crawler-mounted dragline

January 25, 2016By

The Bucyrus-Erie 300-D crawler-mounted dragline carried a standard 11-yd. bucket on a 160-ft. boom. It is the crawler […]

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Bucyrus-Erie 4250-W ‘Big Muskie’ walking dragline

January 15, 2016By

Bucyrus-Erie’s 4250-W “Big Muskie” walking dragline, shown soon after commissioning in 1969, has a 220-cu.-yd. bucket swinging on […]

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Video: Bucyrus-Erie 31-H hydraulic excavator

January 1, 2016By

Bucyrus-Erie’s line of hydraulic excavators was developed in the late 1960s. The 31-H hydraulic excavator featured in this […]

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Bucyrus-Erie 500-H coal loader in action

September 23, 2015By

The Bucyrus-Erie 500-H coal loader was introduced by the company in 1975. Weighing 115 tons, the loader had […]

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Bucyrus-Erie bulldozer, bullgrader work in tandem

September 8, 2015By

In this archived video, a Bucyrus-Erie bulldozer and bullgrader are working in tandem. This video was was compiled, […]

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Bucyrus-Erie “Doubler” electric shovel

August 18, 2015By

The Bucyrus-Erie “Doubler” electric shovel doubled the dipper capacity of a standard shovel. The 150-B in this video […]

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Video: Bucyrus-Erie 395-B shovel

July 28, 2015By

This video showcases Bucyrus-Erie’s 395-B shovel in 1979. With a 34-yd. dipper, the 395-B was the largest mining […]

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Video: Bucyrus-Erie 195-B shovel in action

July 14, 2015By

Bucyrus-Erie’s 195-B is a 14-cu.-yd. shovel. It was introduced in 1968 and made until 1976. This video was […]

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Video: Bucyrus-Erie 60-S swing shovel

July 10, 2015By

Bucyrus-Erie’s 60-S swing shovel, introduced in 1970, was designed as a cross between a crawler loader and a […]

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