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While unpaid tax bills can break the bank at your company, aggregate producers can employ a number of strategies ahead of time to avoid interest and penalties. Photo: iStock.com/Michael Burrell

When you owe the IRS

March 1, 2019 By

If your business can’t pay a tax bill by its deadline, there are perfectly legitimate strategies that can minimize and even eliminate the fines and penalties.

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Photo: iStock.com/DNY59

Strategies for achieving tax savings

April 10, 2017 By

With tax filing deadlines approaching, consider some ways to achieve tax savings.

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Photo: iStock.com/Olivier Le Moal

Battling for independent contractor status

September 5, 2016 By

When it comes to classifying workers as employees or independent contractors, be sure to get it right.

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Photo: iStock.com/ Asergieiev

Understanding tax write-offs

February 29, 2016 By

As many in the aggregate industry have learned, our ever-changing tax rules make it difficult to get the

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The art of recordkeeping

July 9, 2015 By

Knowing which documentation
 to save, and for how long, 
can make recordkeeping
 less of a hassle. The “tax

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