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Photo by Allison Barwacz

Producers, suppliers optimistic about the months ahead

May 23, 2024 By

Despite construction market challenges and increasing costs, industry experts remain optimistic about the future.

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Episode 14: Interviews with George Sidney, Matt Dibble, Clement Cazalot and Donny Barnas

May 14, 2024 By

P&Q presents new industry interviews on its latest podcast episode. Hear about the state of the industry, consolidation, recycling and more.

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Photo: P&Q Staff

Northeast dealer discusses industry’s road ahead

April 24, 2024 By and

Dibble Equipment’s Matt Dibble shares his outlook for the coming months, detailing his optimism while offering insights from his territory.

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Aggregate producers are forecasting several more years of significant growth, but attracting talented people to the industry remains a real challenge. Photo by Kevin Yanik

Aggregate production healthy thus far in 2023

August 28, 2023 By

2023 might not be one for the record books, but producers will take the outcomes they’ve gotten given high interest rates, materials prices and ongoing labor shortages.

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Equipment rentals are becoming more popular of late due to economic developments. Photo: P&Q Staff

How dealers are doing business in an evolving economy

July 12, 2023 By

Although equipment sales are still plentiful for the industry’s dealers, developments on the financial front are changing how some business is getting done.

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Aggregate producers should be communicating with their equipment dealers now about their 2024 capex spending plans. Photo: P&Q Staff

The business dynamics equipment dealers are watching

July 7, 2023 By

The good times are still rolling for equipment dealers, who are now conditioned to always be ready for supply chain surprises.

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Photo: P&Q Staff

Equipment sales still going strong

July 12, 2022 By

Despite issues with materials pricing, availability and the workforce, the aggregate industry’s dealers are optimistic about the road ahead.

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AGG1 returns with the co-located World of Asphalt March 29-31. Photo: World of Asphalt

Excitement building for the upcoming AGG1

February 21, 2022 By

Those attending and exhibiting at next month’s event share their plans and expectations for the industry’s big 2022 trade show.

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Social distancing may be a thing of the past, but certain behaviors spurred on during the pandemic will remain. Photo: General Equipment & Supplies

How equipment dealers are emerging from the pandemic

July 12, 2021 By

Although business is largely back to normal, the pandemic somewhat reshaped how dealers are going about their routines. Several share their experiences and how aspects of business may permanently change.

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