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DJI, Delair partner to enhance visual data collection

September 12, 2019By

The companies will focus on the compatability of DJI systems with Delair’s cloud platform.

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Big data is providing mining executives a picture of their operations that they’ve never had before. Photo Courtesy of Firmatek

Turning data into action

October 12, 2018By

More data means decision makers are more informed, and better information leads to elevated performances.

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Volvo CE to test 5G-enabled technologies

June 15, 2018By

Only a handful of companies were selected to take part in a program that could ultimately enhance the possibilities for autonomous and remote-controlled machines.

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How to choose between LIDAR and drone technology – or using both

June 14, 2018By

Deciding which data collection technology is best for your site requires careful consideration.

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PHOTO: Istock.com/grandeduc/kasjato

Date science: The future of your business

May 24, 2018By

For an industry operating on slim profit margins, a new field has emerged that will separate the next winners and losers.

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Industry index leveling off since June peak

September 8, 2017By

The P&Q Aggregate Industry Index rose slightly for September, climbing to 378 after two months of declines.

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P&Q Aggregate Industry Index at 376

August 10, 2017By

The P&Q Aggregate Industry Index is designed to reflect the economic health of the U.S. aggregate industry.

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Using data to efficiently run your ‘mini-cities’

October 12, 2016By

It’s only a matter of time before more aggregate operations use data collection across the board to coordinate all aspects of their operations.

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