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Cemex utilizes a dozen 150-ton haul trucks per shift at its FEC Quarry in Miami. Photo: P&Q Staff

The factors aiding recent construction materials acquisitions

December 4, 2023By , and

FMI Capital Advisors leaders share how increased funding and price increases are allowing major acquisitions to take place despite a decrease in aggregate volumes.

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Says PPI’s Jeff Poe: “You can have a conveyor track perfectly in the center for years, and then all of a sudden it will want to track to the left or the right.” Photo: P&Q Staff

How producers are performing at the end of the third quarter

September 25, 2023By , and

FMI Capital Advisors leaders write that the producing companies in their Construction Materials Index continue to outperform the general market. The gap, however, has narrowed.

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Photo: P&Q STAFF

What’s driving CMI companies’ successes

August 16, 2023By and

George Reddin and Rob Mineo of FMI Capital Advisors say price increases among companies in the Construction Materials Index are part of what is leading that group to outperform overall market growth.

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The catalysts boosting construction materials firms right now

July 17, 2023By , and

FMI Capital Advisors leaders detail how construction materials companies are finding ways to outperform the general market of late.

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Over the past 75 days, FMI Capital Advisors’ Construction Materials Index (CMI)* has outperformed the “general market” by more than 15 percent.

How construction materials firms are faring versus the ‘general market’

June 5, 2023By , and

FMI Capital Advisors’ Construction Materials Index illustrates how the industry has been on a good run over the last two and a half months.

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Excessive rainfall in several regions provided for a number of challenging days for aggregate operations in 2018. Photo by Joe McCarthy.

Reasons to feel good about the industry in 2019

April 8, 2019By

2018 pressures remain for the construction materials industry, but FMI’s George Reddin gives producers several reasons to be optimistic about 2019.

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Much of the strength in the market can be attributed to improvements in single-family residential spending, up more than 20 percent over the last three years. Photo: iStock.com/halbergman

New dynamics at play for the aggregate industry

December 11, 2018By , and

2018 was the strongest year in a decade for construction materials firms, writes FMI’s George Reddin and Scott Duncan, and should offer additional growth.

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Making sense of the aggregate market

September 12, 2018By , and

While the market trembles, FMI’s George Reddin and Scott Duncan write that the fundamentals remain very positive for the construction materials sector.

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Photo: P&Q Staff

Competitive changes in the aggregate industry

December 26, 2017By , and

Over the course of the past four years, more than $50 billion has changed hands through mergers and acquisitions in the aggregate industry.

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