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Production targets. Less cost per ton. Process efficiency. Safety. Your goals for your quarry operations rely on the right machines, solutions and technology for your unique job site. As your quarry partner, we’ll work closely with you to help solve your operational challenges, optimize processes and lower total cost of ownership.

Komatsu long-life quarry machines and solution-based services are designed to:

Using the right match of loading tools, trucks and other quarry machines is one of the keys that will help you boost overall productivity. Discover how our quarry consulting team used advanced pass-match analysis of different loading tool options to help a customer achieve their operational goals.

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Discover solutions that unlock quarry efficiencies

Your targets can improve with Komatsu quarry solutions. Watch and learn how Komatsu’s quarry group can work with you to evaluate your fleet and create a cost-effective solution to help you meet production goals and make your aggregate processes more efficient.

Improve Hauling

Komatsu Quote Five ways we can help you boost quarry productivity

1. Production goal matching: Our in-depth evaluation assistance will help to match your goals to the right equipment, smart technology and ongoing support

2. Fleet improvements: Benefit from quarry machines designed for tough environments and the drilling, sizing, breaking, loading and hauling work needed to meet your business targets

3. Job site analysis: Gain actionable insights of “hidden” opportunities for greater output

4. Custom solutions: Partner with an expert team that will work with you to understand your processes and offer a complete solution that gets results

5. Smart Quarry technology: Leverage our latest digital technology to monitor your quarry and make informed operational decisions to help maximize production and lower costs

Not just machines – complete quarry solutions

When looking to add machines to your fleet, you need to understand how they will perform and the cost to operate before making your purchasing decision. You can have that valuable data with a simple analysis done remotely or with a more thorough, on-site analysis incorporating your unique local factors.

Our quarry site and fleet optimization services can help you:

1. Calibrate your fleet to the job with the right mix of machines and equipment aligned with your production targets

2. Make informed decisions with the data and insights you need for the most efficient cost per hour, cost per ton, or cost per yard

3. Visualize total operating costs with a detailed estimate that shows what you can expect when owning and operating, including real-world fuel, diesel exhaust fluid, maintenance, repairs and more

Smart Quarry combines technology and people power

It’s not just technology that can help you better understand, track and optimize your fleet. It’s the specialized quarry expertise from applications engineering consultants and fleet optimization professionals that help you gain the most from digital technology and connectivity. We can also show you and your team how understanding and estimating owning and operating costs can help reduce your total cost of ownership.

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