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Smart water management starts with a holistic view of how your mining methods use water from sourcing to dewatering to mining water treatment and reuse to everything in between. Whether water at your site is scarce or plentiful, Xylem sees every step from intake to reuse as part of a process, instead of a standalone function, to help you increase productivity, reduce costs and turn mining water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.

Our mining industry solutions serve open pit, underground, and material processing operations. We’re committed to integrating water transport, treatment and testing technologies to make your job easier and your mine more efficient throughout exploration, development, operation and reclamation.

Ensure mining water supply and quality.
Every mine faces unique source water and process water challenges, typically related to intake, quality, restricted access or effluent management. Xylem tailors water and mining solutions to your location, with pumps and systems for transport and pressure boosting, reliable dewatering, mining water treatment and quality monitoring.

Manage water cost-effectively.
From high-pressure and high-flow systems for dust suppression, truck wash and general purpose use, to fire protection pumps, to pipeline mapping and leak detection, Xylem customizes mining industry solutions to ensure your operations have water available when and where it’s needed.

Get vital support for integrated water and mining systems.
Xylem does more than offer a few key pieces of equipment, leaving the rest up to you. We integrate mining water management with your operation, combining solutions in new ways to simplify your job and increase mine efficiency.

Address compliance for today and tomorrow.
Mines are under more pressure than ever to reduce their impact on the planet—and regulations continue to change. Companies that take a strategic view of water in mining applications have a better chance of turning these systemic challenges into competitive opportunities. This is where Xylem stands out. We help you rethink mining water use, track water quality and flow in real time, and use convenient packaged systems to manage mining water treatment and water reuse as efficiently as possible. Our goal is to help you meet regulatory and social responsibilities while maintaining profitability.


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Learn how to optimize your water infrastructure and transform water management from an expense into a strategic advantage.

As the cost of water continues to rise, and the drive for sustainable water management intensifies, the water-related challenges facing the mining industry remain complex. The good news is that a holistic approach to water management combined with smart technologies can drive incremental change and deliver major gains for mine operators – streamlining processes and making water management smarter, safer, and more sustainable.


What you will learn:
• How to master water usage in your mining operations
• How to control costs and optimize assets
• How to operate at higher efficiencies with less downtime
• How to make smarter investments in water management systems
• How a holistic approach improves reliability, sustainability, and safety

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Does your operation have: Aging machinery? A failure-prone system?  Inefficient or underperforming equipment because your operation has grown or evolved?

Reach out to request a mine audit. Xylem’s extensive experience and expertise with water and industrial fluids gives us a unique ability to find places for improvement in your mine. Our inspection and auditing service experts identify any inefficiencies in the operation of your water management equipment and provide cost-benefit analyses based on our findings to help you establish priorities and take advantage of potential energy savings.

Xylem audits also include an analysis of flow data, pressure gauge readings, site topography and elevations, pipe diameters and general piping – including sump design – to help determine whether friction loss is hindering efficiency or causing pump wear and solving sedimentation problems.

Xylem finds ways to integrate your water management to increase productivity, reduce costs and turn water management from an expense to a strategic advantage.

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