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By |  April 2, 2022
A look at the Durex Products booth during AGG1 2022 at the Music City Center. Photo: P&Q Staff

A look at the Durex Products booth during AGG1 2022 at the Music City Center. Photo: P&Q Staff

Clay Bowman has exhibited at a number of trade shows over the years. He puts AGG1 2022 near the top of his list.

“I think it’s been incredible,” says Bowman, director of business development at TAC Insight, when asked about the trade show in Nashville, Tennessee. “This show is one of the best shows I’ve ever attended personally. I’ve been to all the [Las] Vegas shows. I think the venue is great. I like the amenities here. The customers have all said they’ve enjoyed them.”

Barry Murphy, sales manager of mobile crushers and screens at Sandvik, was also wowed by the turnout at the Music City Center.

“I’ve gone to a lot of shows over the years with Sandvik, and I honestly feel there’s been a bigger buzz about this than I’ve seen in years,” says Murphy, whose company unveiled a brand-new wheeled crushing plant at AGG1. “Everybody wanted to get back out and get to a show.

Murphy believes the Infrastructure Investment & Jobs Act, whose monies are starting to trickle out, drove a number of aggregate producers to AGG1.

“It basically brings a lot of people here to see what the right equipment is for the buzz that’s going on right now in the market,” Murphy says. “It’s actually a great time.”

Mark Krause, managing director of North America at McLanahan Corp., says the timing was right for a breakout industry trade show.

“Boy, were we ready,” says Krause, who also offered updates at AGG1 on McLanahan’s partnership with Anaconda Equipment. “You can tell everybody was ready. You can see the attitude. People want to say the economy is not doing well, [but] just look around. Everybody is smiling. They’re coming here and not just hanging out on Broadway, which is just fine.”

Nate Russell, director of sales and business development at IRock Crushers, was equally impressed with the AGG1 turnout.

“The show has been absolutely phenomenal for us,” Russell says. “Traffic has been great. People have finally been able to get out of the house after COVID, see each other and feel comfortable doing that. From the perspective of just being out and seeing people, it’s been great.”

Murphy agrees.

“It’s been a couple of tough years where nobody was out and about,” he says. “You had to do so many checks if you could even visit a customer. Now, people are coming by and shaking hands. It’s good to be back.”

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