What exhibitors thought of ConExpo-Con/Agg

By |  April 3, 2023
More than 139,000 attendance ConExpo-Con/Agg and the co-located IFPE, hosted March 14-18 in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center. Photo: P&Q Staff

More than 139,000 attendance ConExpo-Con/Agg and the co-located IFPE, hosted March 14-18 in and around the Las Vegas Convention Center. Photo: P&Q Staff

ConExpo-Con/Agg ended more than two weeks ago, and those who took part have had time to decompress after, perhaps, the busiest stretch on the 2023 industry calendar. Following the five-day trade show, P&Q captured commentaries from three exhibitors – Talbert Manufacturing’s Troy Geisler, Haver & Boecker Niagara’s Kristen Randall and Philippi-Hagenbuch’s Josh Swank – who reflected on their experience March 14-18 at ConExpo-Con/Agg.

P&Q: What were your impressions of ConExpo-Con/Agg?

Swank: My ConExpo experience began a little early, as I attended the NSSGA Annual Convention and passed on the gavel to the Charlie Johnson, the incoming chair of the Manufacturing & Services Division Executive Committee. It was an honor to serve in that role for the past year. Starting ConExpo at that conference heightened my expectations and excitement for the rest of the show.

The show did not disappoint. Philippi-Hagenbuch had a booth in the new West Hall, and we met with over 500 people per day – with over 20,000 people in, through or around our booth. These were individuals who weren’t just there to check out our booth setup – although it was pretty cool, if I do say so myself – but people who were genuinely interested in discovering new products and technology that could benefit their operation’s productivity and efficiency.

Another way I saw this interest was through the educational seminar (‘Improve Efficiency with Haul Truck Customizations’) I had the opportunity to present. I was thrilled by the number of questions and the genuine interest the audience showed. At the end of the session, the day and, ultimately, the conclusion of the show, I left confident in our industry and the people that are a part of it.

On a somber note, one thing I missed this year at ConExpo was seeing my friend, Chris Upp. I met Chris through NSSGA Young Leaders in 2004, and he was a true leader in the aggregate industry. Chris’s passing and the way the aggregate industry has pulled together during such a loss is a true testament to both him and the impact he has made on all of us. Chris’s legacy will live on in the industry and in those who cared for him, including myself. He is sorely missed.

Randall: There is always a lot of excitement as ConExpo-Con/Agg approaches, and 2023 did not disappoint. Haver & Boecker Niagara had many opportunities to meet with new and current customers while we introduced new technology, including multiple deck frame upgrades and our full Pulse diagnostics suite. We also had a lot of fun celebrating our company’s German heritage with our customers at our daily Oktoberfest event.

In addition to the show, Haver & Boecker Niagara was proud to sponsor the Women in Aggregates event that took place on Wednesday evening, as well as actively participate in the NSSGA convention.

Geisler: ConExpo-Con/Agg 2023 attendees were there for the long haul – no pun intended. Even on the days that it was raining or overcast, we still had customers or dealers at our booth visiting with our team. That communicated to me that the people at this show were there because they were serious about it. Talbert was in the Diamond Lot, and we had some customers who made the walk out to our booth multiple days or even multiple times in one day to visit with our team.

P&Q: How would you characterize the show visitors? Were they true buyers or merely ‘tire kickers?’ 

Swank: The people I interacted with showed genuine interest in the products and technologies they were looking at. There is no doubt in my mind that, following the show, we will be continuing the conversation with many of the people we met for the first time at our ConExpo 2023 booth. To me, that speaks volumes to the value of shows such as ConExpo, especially after years of not having them.

Randall: Daily feedback from our sales team over the course of the show pointed to most visitors being true buyers. Within hours of opening on Tuesday, we already felt that all the hard work and investment leading up to our industry’s ‘Super Bowl’ had 100 percent paid off.

ConExpo was the place to be to meet industry decision-makers, and they were ready to move forward. We are seeing that the industry as a whole needs high-quality products, of course, but, more than ever, they need the right service partner. We are here to provide that through our complete PROcheck approach.

Geisler: Talbert featured custom-built versions of our 70SA-RC-RA and 60CC-RC trailers at our booth. This allowed us the opportunity to discuss with show visitors our commitment to customization and how that can benefit their particular operation when it comes to hauling.

Trailers are often an afterthought for many operations, but they shouldn’t be – especially as hauling restrictions become stricter, and equipment increases in weight. In visiting with customers at the show, it seems many of them realize the need for more customization and consideration in terms of their trailers, and we are excited to continue to follow up with them post-ConExpo.

If there was any doubt that trade shows were lagging after the onset of the pandemic three years ago, this year’s show wiped that out. The record-breaking attendance reaffirmed why events like this one are so important. They allow people to see firsthand the innovation in the industry.

Shows such as ConExpo also provide a chance to visit with customers, highlight Talbert’s innovation and why our approach to manufacturing trailers that are custom-built to meet the needs of specific operations is so important to ensure longevity and opportunity for long-term growth. The energy and enthusiasm were evidenced by the heavy foot traffic we saw at our booth. The attendees we visited with – both current and prospective customers alike – have seen business remain strong, and they are enthusiastic about 2023 and the business opportunities they have seen so far.

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