Weir Minerals brings hydrocyclone to market

By |  November 5, 2020
Cavex 2 hydroyclones are now available. Photo: P&Q Staff

Cavex 2 hydroyclones are now available. Photo: P&Q Staff

Weir Minerals launched its Cavex 2, marking what the company is calling a new generation of hydrocyclones.

“Our Cavex 1 design set an industry benchmark over two decades ago with its unique 360-degree laminar spiral inlet geometry, which significantly reduced turbulence,” says Debra Switzer, global product manager for hydrocyclones at Weir. “This design was so successful and desired by the market that it was widely replicated by competitors.

“Following years of research, development and trials, we have improved upon this design with the creation of LIG+ inlet and chamber design,” Switzer adds.

According to Weir, the LIG+ design enables the Cavex 2 hydrocyclones to classify up to 30 percent more feed slurry, while occupying the same footprint as other hydrocyclones. Also, the new design took into consideration the shape and angle of the hydrocyclone to ensure particles report to the correct stream. This reduces recirculation and misclassification, Weir says.

“Cavex 2 allows our customers to do more,” Switzer says. “A more sustainable circuit, with lower energy and water requirements. Expand the capacity of their existing circuits, without increasing the footprint of the cyclones or clusters. It’s the kind of generational engineering leap that will change the way circuits are designed for decades to come.”

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