Wash plant upgrade in Washington state

By |  September 21, 2017

Blake Sand & Gravel Inc. has been providing sand and gravel products in the state of Washington since 1953, producing aggregate for ready-mix concrete, as well as sand and washed rock.

Says Dave Blake of the wash plant: “The AggreSand is extremely quiet running, [has] no spillages and the belts run very smoothly, with no rollback that can be a typical problem with some plants. The access and serviceability features of the machines, along with the rollout centrifugal pumps and rollout chute work, were especially valuable features.” Photo courtesy of Terex Washing Systems.

Recently, operation leaders sought to replace an existing wash plant to achieve a higher production capacity due to increased demand. The operation’s previous plant produced 75 tph and required intensive labor for cleaning ponds, according to Owner Dave Blake. And the costs to run it were rather high, Blake adds.

So, the company made the decision to invest in a new solution that could achieve a higher efficiency to maximize its yield.

Ultimately, Blake Sand & Gravel invested in an AggreSand 165, a three-deck, two-sand processing plant.

The new plant and its 16-ft. x 5-ft. screen are currently producing five clean products, including 7/8 in. to 1 1/2 in.; 7/16 in. to 7/8 in.; 7/32 in. to 7/16 in.; and a couple of sand fractions.

“We are using 20 percent less electricity, substantially reducing our running costs,” Blake says. “We have increased our feed by 50 percent, enabling us to supply to demand, and the added benefits from the AggreSand give us the ability to blend materials for specific grades.”

In addition, the operation has achieved a more effective fine sand recovery, halving the frequency of pond clear outs, according to the company. This further reduces Blake Sand & Gravel’s running costs and increases yield by reducing the losses of material to ponds, Blake says.

The operation’s new wash plant produces five clean products. Photo courtesy of Terex Washing Systems.

“The plant has been producing effectively since it was installed,” he says. “The ability and ease of obtaining live data in terms of water pressures, flows, cyclone feed pressures, as well as motor amp reading, was very impressive.

The AggreSand 165 is processing natural sand and gravel to produce a coarse concrete aggregate and fine concrete sand (C33 spec). The sand is also being sold for septic sand and equestrian sand.

“When we were considering purchasing a wash plant, we were keen to find a solution that would achieve efficiencies, as well as a seamless easy setup – something with a reduced footprint and the capability of producing two grades of sand,” Blake says.

According to Blake, the plant arrived at his site on a Monday, and the operation was making product on the ground by that Friday.

Powerscreen of Washington, the Terex Washing Systems (TWS) distributor within the state of Washington, assisted Blake Sand & Gravel throughout the process, as did TWS’ applications and engineering teams.

Information for this article courtesy of Terex Washing Systems.

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