Van der Graaf introduces drum motors, belt cleaner

By |  March 9, 2017

Van der Graaf debuted its Heavy-duty and Extreme-duty drum motor series at ConExpo-Con/Agg 2017, as well as a brush belt cleaner.

According to the company, both drum motor series are built for harsh, abrasive and demanding applications, from aggregate processing to underground mining, ship loading and power generation. The rugged, extreme-duty drum motors are available up to 350 hp and in 36-in. diameters, and with a variety of lagging options to provide a durable drive with a long service-life, the company says.

The drum motor design is a one-component conveyor drive with no external motor, gearbox, belts, chains, sprockets, sheaves or couplings. All components are housed inside the drum, minimizing drive space, increasing efficiency and virtually eliminating maintenance, Van der Graaf says.

The brush belt cleaner, meanwhile, offers a belt cleaning solution to remove residual materials from conveyor belts without the wear and tear of a conventional belt scraper. The compact, low-profile design provides space savings, efficiency and reliability with virtually no maintenance, the company says. As a one-component brush assembly, it can be easily installed behind the head pulley or inside the belt conveyor frame. The drum motor design is entirely sealed from challenging cleaning environments, providing a completely reliable, less complex solution.

Also, the brush belt cleaner utilizes an easy-to-replace continuous spiral brush, allowing rapid brush changes to minimize system downtime. According to Van der Graaf, the belt cleaner provides effective cleaning performance on dry and wet fines clinging to belts with various profiles.

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