USGS: 2020 sand, gravel production nearly on par with 2019

By |  March 10, 2021
Divestitures are sometimes required to complete a deal involving crushed stone, sand and gravel operations. Photo:

2020 construction sand and gravel production came in at 960 million tons, USGS reports. Photo:

Construction sand and gravel production across the U.S. was down a hair in 2020 at 960 million tons, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) reports.

In 2019, 962 million tons of construction sand and gravel were produced across the U.S.

According to USGS, the 2020 tonnage was valued at $9.2 billion. An estimated 3,870 companies operating 6,800 pits and 340 sales and distribution yards produced the 960 million tons, USGS says.

The top sand and gravel-producing states in 2020 were California, Texas, Arizona, Minnesota, Michigan, Utah, Ohio, Washington, Colorado and New York, USGS says. Together, the 10 accounted for about 53 percent of the total sand and gravel output.

For 2020, USGS estimates that about 46 percent of construction sand and gravel was used as portland cement concrete aggregate; 21 percent for road base and coverings and road stabilization; 13 percent for construction fill; 12 percent for asphaltic concrete aggregate and for other bituminous mixtures; and 4 percent for other miscellaneous uses. The remaining 4 percent was used for concrete products, filtration, golf course maintenance, plaster and gunite sands, railroad ballast, road stabilization, roofing granules, and snow and ice control, according to the agency.

The 960 million tons of sand and gravel produced in 2020, while down slightly from 2019, is up significantly from 2018 (937 million tons), 2017 (880 million tons) and 2016 (887 million tons) figures.

In addition to 2020 sand and gravel production, USGS recently provided details about 2020 crushed stone production.

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