US-flag shipping on Great Lakes nearly identical to 2016

By |  June 22, 2017

U.S.-flag Great Lakes freighters moved about 9.5 million tons of cargo on the Great Lakes in May, which is a virtual repeat of one year ago, reports the Lake Carriers’ Association.

The float totaled 9,496,663 tons this May whereas it totaled 9,473,709 tons one year ago. However, this May’s shipments were down 5 percent from the month’s long-term average, the Lake Carriers’ Association adds.

Out of the total shipments, limestone cargoes hauled in U.S. bottoms totaled 2.7 million tons, a 7 percent decrease from one year ago. In addition, U.S.-flag cargoes total about 20.8 million tons year-to-date, which is nearly identical to last year. Shipments of aggregate, flux stone and scrubber stone, which total 3.9 million tons year-to-date, fell nearly 15 percent, the Lake Carriers’ Association reports.

The Lake Carriers’ Association represents 13 American companies that operate 49 U.S.-flag vessels on the Great Lakes and carry raw materials that drive the nation’s economy, including aggregate and cement for the construction industry.

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