Trending technology for drilling, blasting safety and success

By |  October 14, 2022


The adoption of technology in the drill-and-blast industry really must be described as an evolution.

As an industry, we are seeing a shift to data-driven decision-making, thus empowering practices such as OKRs (objectives and key results). This goal-setting approach creates a platform to clearly align teams on key objectives and monitor their progress.

The health and safety of miners and the surrounding community are our top priority. The use of tools such as 3D laser scanners, drones, RTK (real-time kinetics) GPS systems and machine control limits miners’ exposure to fall potential while working around highwalls. These tools, along with borehole-deviation devices, are used to ensure proper placement of boreholes while confirming sufficient burden and reducing the potential of flyrock and airblast.

Coupling these technologies with electronic detonators allows for the use of specialized software tuned to the needs of the drilling-and-blasting industry to increase both safety and productivity.

When it comes to best practices as related to safety, industries with proven safety standards must be identified, along with an understanding of what makes them successful. The Federal Aviation Administration has one of the highest safety records, and this is accomplished through compliance and accountability processes that include proper training, sound standard operating procedures and good reporting processes.

Cody Schaefer is a technical manager at Quick Supply Co.

Featured photo: P&Q Staff

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